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qinnovativ is a
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surgical device interventional radiology medical robot digital health drug delivery lab equipment .

Innovation Creation for Healthcare

qinnovativ M.Qin is an innovation agency specialising in healthcare innovation and business strategy.
Since 2012, qinnovativ blends a passion for understanding clinical needs with design, engineering, and business expertise and possesses a natural capability to deliver innovative solutions in the front-end R&D process.
We integrate ourselves into our clients‘ team and become a tailor-made creative engine for novel ideas. Together, we create outside-the-box concepts leading to new inventions and successful business models.


We are here to support you take on those challenges you face in your organisation. We understand the circumstances and pitfalls of a healthcare product R&D process. Our experience is here to support you through unknown clinical unmet needs and provide guidance to an innovative solution.

Our work as consultants focus on six expertise areas:

Surgical Device

What would surgery be, after all, without the varied and precise instruments necessary to execute exploration, healing, and change within the body? From clamps or forceps to advanced devices such as advanced linear staplers or ultrasound scalpels, we have analyzed and created these devices and have in-depth knowledge about them.

Interventional Cardiology & Radiology

Interventional radiology is the performance of minimally invasive medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies and tiny tools such as different catheters. Advancements in X-ray technology enable CT scans to provide imaging alternatives to surgical procedures and less radiation to protect healthcare professionals. In addition, doctors have more information to make a precise diagnosis by implementing analytic software and artificial intelligence.

Drug Delivery

Consumer electronics and information technology are influencing more and more medical drug delivery. As a result, patients and caregivers expect easy-to-use, user-friendly and flexible drug intake solutions. For example, Auto-inhaler, Auto-injectors, and patch pumps can offer a much more intuitive and comfortable drug delivery for asthma, diabetes, or GHD.

Laboratory Equipment

By complete sequencing of the human genome, healthcare providers can prescribe the precise dosage and combination of drugs depending on the patient’s DNA and condition. In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) is quite possibly the fastest-growing sector of the diagnostic segment and opens up new emerging micro-industries. However, it requires highly specialized equipment and excellent component reliability. Are you also looking for a solution in Point-of-Care-Testing?

Medical Robotic

There is no doubt that robotics will become part of the medical and nursing activities of the future. Robotic assistance systems are on the rise, especially in the minimally invasive surgery or cardiovascular disciplines. It does not matter if it is big or small; the robots need to learn how to assist humans and empower us to do more precise clinical tasks. But, again, big data and artificial intelligence are the keys, and fine mechatronics is the door.

Digital Healthcare

From healthcare to self-care; Today, patients have direct access to direct self-monitoring and domestic treatment technology away from health care facilities. Bluetooth enabled blood pressure monitors or wearable close-loop glucose monitoring kits represent a new way of treatment and shift therapy from the clinic to the patient ecosystem. Biosensors allow monitoring a wide range of data points, including vital signs, step counts and body posture, at a small cost. In addition, they are effortless to use and disposable form factor.

Our Service

Focused in healthcare, we are offering an industry-wide complete value chain consulting, which contain

Innovation Consulting

Medical Business & Management Consulting

  • Medical Research & Clinical Trials
  • User Journey Research
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Clinical Unmet Needs Research
  • Innovation Sprint Workshop
  • Industrial Design & Human Factor
  • Software Engineering & UI/UX
  • Industrialisation Strategy and Production Planning
  • Business Analysis and Strategy
  • Market Analytics
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Modelling
  • Sales Lead Profiling
  • International Market Access with focus on EU, China and the US market
  • Regulartory Process ( NMPA, MDR, FDA)
  • Clinical Data Analytics

Our Team

We are a group of inventors, strategists, thinkers, doers, programmers, designers, storytellers, researchers, doctors, scientists, engineers, market specialists and business minds.

We believe that „great minds see things differently“. Therefore, we accept the differences in our skill sets and personalities; and value our development and growth as a team and diverse human beings.

Nathan Qin

Nathan Qin

Founder & Managing Director

Anna Nordström

Prof. Anna Nordström

VP Medical Science


RunLong Dou

China Business Development


Mona Wang

PHD, Scientific Research

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