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With great pleasure and honour, we welcome Mr. Detlef Mangels as senior advisor and business partner at qinnovativ medtech.


“Leadership is a choice, not a position.” 

Detlef Mangels is an experienced commercial expert in sales and marketing with extensive knowledge of medical technology and biomedicine. Whether optimising sales structures, coaching, mentoring individuals, digitalisation (CRM tools), team building, or international market entry, Detlef increases sales and earnings – in corporations and medium-sized or start-ups. Based on his diverse experience, he also has excellent contacts with more than one hundred venture capital investors and family offices which he is happy to share with his clients.

The majority career was in holding management positions at US-based medical companies followed by freelance medical consultancy beginning in 2017. Since then, he has completed numerous projects for SMEs and start-ups. He starts with recruiting projects in Health Care Europe. In 2018, he organised the European market entry of a US company for heart support pumps (LVAD) and in 2019, he accompanied the introduction of an aortic arch implant for a start-up from Israel. At both companies, Detlef played a crucial role in application market access in Europe by providing intensive sales and marketing support. He strengthened networks of opinion leaders and qualified users, developed go-to-market strategies, secured planning, enabled the scientific basis for use, and conducted negotiations with clinics as early adopters. Detlef`s most recent success story is the successful search for a funding partner for a 3D medical printing start-up in Munich. Through his mediation, the company partnered with a strategic investor and was finally sold to a US Nasdaq company on 02.22.

Since 2022 his competence is the background in his role as advisor and mentor for startups at Werk1, an accelerator in Munich and Max Planck Institute for scientific-based Start-Ups. Detlef is also part of the Science 4Life organisation helping founders in health care to create an effective business plans.

His in-depth knowledge of vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, interventional radiology and cardiology, heart failure, clinical chemistry, haematology, laboratory diagnostics, urology, 3D printing, and orthopaedics, opens a wide range of applications. In addition to his investor network, he offers excellent contacts to specialists in medical technology in German-speaking countries. This puts him in an exceptionally unique position to support small companies and start-ups in building powerful teams. Clients value Detlef`s analytical approach, initiative-taking attitude, secure communication at all levels, and team-player role model function. Leading teams and collaborating with customers is his expertise beside others, driven by his trust and open communication. He speaks fluent English and appreciates respectful dialogue.

Nothing can replace experience, except for more experience. This is what sets qinnovativ apart – in addition to the necessary amount of experience, working with qinnovativ provides innovative ideas to find solutions. Therefore, the company name is a program. The extensive network contacts of Nathan Qin, combined with his foresight, open communication style, and absolute competence, make it very clear to me that I want to be a valuable part of his team.“ – Detlef Mangels

„Detlef has been a great business and collaboration partner with us for multiple years. His extensive experience in the healthcare industry, especially in sales and marketing is fantastic, and he has always been an excellent support for qinnovativ. Well-connected to medtech startups worldwide, it is a perfect fit for our new BRIDGE accelerator program at qinnovativ. As a „young team“ in the healthcare sector, we appreciate Detlef joining us as a senior advisor and business partner and his guidance through the unknown water.“ – Nathan Qin