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With great pleasure and honour, we welcome Prof. Anna Nordström as the Vice President of Medical Science at qinnovativ.

Prof. Anna Nordström

Prof Anna Nordström holds a Ph.D. in Internal Medicine from Umeå University. She is currently a Professor of Public Health at Umeå University, one of the top universities in Sweden, and the head of the clinical research testbed Livsmedicin, Sweden. She is highly accomplished with 119 publications with an h-index of 37, 3 Peer-reviewed books and book chapters, 11 Peer-reviewed survey publications, 1 Peer-reviewed conference contribution, and four other publications.

Livsmedicin or Life medicine in English is an acclaimed research institute focused and dedicated to innovation development in the health field with a focus on digital solutions. It is a platform between healthcare, universities, business, and civil society. 

The team’s expertise and focus areas involve physical activity, social community, a healthy lifestyle, and identifying health factors for healthy ageing throughout life. In addition, Livsmedicin’s Test Bed is known for its expertise and support in providing user tests, medical tests, research collaboration, consulting services in clinical study design, and being a co-applicant for external funding. 

Prof. Nordström brings with her decades of cross-industry experience in the Healthcare sector from areas of  Behavioural Medicine, Sports medicine, Public Health, Rehab medicine, and academia. She is already collaborating with our inter-continental team to improve and enrich knowledge and experiences for our clients, leveraging our qinnovativ Medtech and healthcare innovation platform.  In addition, she will provide qinnovativ with insights, support, and recommendations on how to connect better and bridge the gaps between innovation in healthcare to develop further a patient-centric approach for qinnovativ’s clients and healthcare companies.

„It’s great to be part of qinnovativ and the global network that we can leverage to increase values for companies we work with. Today’s entrepreneurs must keep up with an ever more complex, global, and dynamic environment. With the ever-increasing competitive pressure within the Medtech world, qinnovativ adds great value for companies to accelerate their rates of innovation in products, services and business models to get ahead“, says Prof Nordström.

„As medical knowledge advisor, Anna has been a big supporter of us for many years. Having Anna join us is a great encouragement and acknowledgement for our multi-discipline team at qinnovativ. She brings our medical knowledge to a solid world-class level which allows us to improve our Medtech research and R&D service quality for our global and local clients to the next level. With well-understood clinical unmet needs, we will be able to create medical products with on-point patient value.“, says Nathan Qin. 

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